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Live Water Level Data

Red = Flood Level
Green = Warning Level

Where it Floods: Measured at the Guerneville Bridge

32.0 Guerneville: Lower Mill Street; Monte Rio: Old Bohemian Highway
32.5 Guerneville: Intersection of Hwy. 116; Neeley Road; Mays Canyon Road
33.0 Guerneville: Intersection of Drake Road and Hwy. 116, Pee Wee Golf, River Lumber Yard; Monte Rio: Willow and Alder Streets, Forestville, Mirabel Trailer park
34.0 Guerneville: Riverside Park, Johnson's Resort, Creekside Resort, Neeley Road; Northwood: Lower Northwood Drive
35.0 Guerneville: Parker's resort on Neeley Road, Brookside Resort on Hwy. 116
36.0 Guerneville: Fern Grove, lower cabins
37.0 Guerneville: Mill and 5th Streets; Monte Rio: River Boulevard at Heller
38.0 Duncans Mills: Portions of Freezeout Road
39.0 Hacienda: River road begins to close; Rio Nido: canyon 7 Road at miniature golf course; Guerneville: Triple R Resort
39.5 Hacienda: water to basements of homes on River Road; Guerneville: Guerneville school yard; Monte Rio: Hwy 116 at D Street
40.0 Guerneville: dada river Hardware; Northwood: Upper Redwood drive; Cazadero: Austin Creek road closes
40.5 Guerneville: Napa Auto Parts, Buck's Restaurant; River road closes to traffic
41.5 Guerneville: Stumptown Brewery at Midway Beach; Monte Rio: Main intersection closes
42.0 Guerneville: Burdon's Restaurant; Monte Rio: Old school begins to flood
43.0 Guerneville: Hwy. 116 at Surrey Inn closed to traffic
44.0 Guerneville: River Lane at Vacation Beach
45.0 Flood Crest Jan. 1, 1997
45.0 Monte Rio: Bartlett's Store
46.0 Rio Nido: River Road inundates; Guerneville: Main intersection begins to inundate
47.0 Guerneville: Businesses on north side of Main Street

Water level information from the California Department of Water Resources

How to Read
The current water levels are on the far right. The information to left from there traces conditions from the past 30 hours. The vertical line marks the change of days at midnight. The levels are current within thirty minutes. Read the flood forecast below or tune into the radio for accurate and up to date information.

Important Information
Official Flood Forecast
Russian River Weather
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(707) 526-4768 - Sonoma County Update

Full Radio Coverage
KSRO AM 1350

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About Visiting
Most of the year the Russian River is gentle and filled with visitors and residents swimming, canoeing and kayaking. It is the infrequent year that the river floods. When the Russian River does flood, only certain areas are affected and conditions quickly return to normal as the water recedes. People come to enjoy the beauty of the area year round for wine tasting, hiking and sightseeing.

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