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Russian River dining represents some of the finest California cuisine. Choose a town to view a list of restaurants.

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Direct from the Farms, Coast, & Vines
Russian River Dining

One of the unique things about dining in West Sonoma County is that you get a great sampling of the area’s home grown organic or naturally raised foods. From cheese to mushrooms to beef and berries, it isn’t just the grapes that grow well in the Russian River watershed. And then you have the coast, with an abundance of exceptional seafood.

In most all of the restaurants, you will be sampling Sonoma County’s finest foods. Many delicacies come from organic sustainable farms that practice passionate compliance to the local environmental guidelines. The produce is fresh, crisp and unbelievably flavorful. Many chefs in the region have their own gardens where they grow signature produce that they feature in their cuisine.

Food and wine pairing is a popular trend. Waiters of the restaurants are extremely knowledgeable about the menu, the origin of the foods, the variety of wine that is most suitable and the seasonal delicacies available within the region.

Local organizations support sustainable agricultural diversity in Sonoma County through the promotion of products via on site sales, organized retail opportunities like Farmer’s Markets, marketing and public relations campaigns, and educational forums that create public awareness to ensure the preservation of Sonoma County's rich agricultural heritage.

Fruits and vegetables are available directly from the farmer. Outside of restaurant dining you can also experience life on the farm with sheep, llamas, honey bees, butterflies and birds! Enjoy berry picking, apple farms, pumpkins and gourds in the fall, Christmas trees in winter and baby animals and fields of flowers in the spring! Enjoy delightful wineries, breweries and cheese factories year-round. When you buy on and near the farm, you get more than just groceries, you get a great meal and an experience to last a lifetime.

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Highland Dell , Monte Rio
Fine Dining at the River's End on the Sonoma Coast

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