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Flood Acknowledgment Week
Yearly, the first week of March
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Monte Rio Bridge
Monte Rio Bridge - Photo by Rio Villa Beach Resort. The 2005/2006 Flood
2006 Update

Note - this is not real. Well it is not fake either. Just note that nothing happens on Flood Appreciation Week, very few people know about this. We made this page for fun and did not advertise it. If you want to do anything with this idea go ahead.

140 years and over 20 floods later,
we have a reason to celebrate. declares the first week of March flood acknowledgement week.

Floods have been part of the Russian River ecosystem for its entire history. Now, during the first week of March we invite you to take time to enjoy the grandness of nature and see the magnificent effect of the natural flushing has on the valleys in the region. The re-growth cycle is especially active for wildlife viewing.

Have you never been at the Russian River during a flood? Unless you live in the area during a flood, the National Guard closes the roads to non-residents. Witnessing a flood reminds us of the awesome power of Mother Nature and allows us to appreciate how resilient the residents and business owners in the region are. It is one of those things that makes a great conversation topic – everyone has an exciting story to tell. Life here would not be so exhilarating without our floods.

The best way to increase your chances of seeing a Russian River flood is to visit often during the winter.

For visitors and residents - we don't love the Russian River because it is mellow. The area first attracted people because it was the frontier of the west coast with breathtaking, dramatic natural beauty. This is why we are still here today.


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PO Box 526
16350 Third Street, Suite 3
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Bohemian Bridge - 1915Bohemian Bridge: 1915 - RR Historical Society

Guerneville - 1915Guerneville: 1915 - RR Historical Society

Flooding Stats

Monitor Stage: 29.0 Feet
Flood Stage: 32.0 Feet
Water High in 2005: 41.8 Feet

What does this mean? View the flood stages chart that shows what landmarks flood as the water levels raise.

Top Document Floods
1. 48.8 - 2/18/1986
2. 48.0 - 1/10/1995
3. 47.6 - 12/23/1955
4. 47.4 - 12/23/1964
5. 46.9 - 2/28/1940
6. 45.0 - 1/1/1997
7. 42.5 - 1/5/1966
8. 41.8 - 1/1/2006
9. 41.5 - 3/10/1995
10. 41.3 - 1/24/1970
11. 41.1 - 2/1/1963
12. 40.7 - 1/17/1974
13. 40.4 - 1/27/1983
14. 40.2 - 2/25/1958
15. 39.5 - 1/22/1943
15. 39.5 - 1/14/1969
15. 39.5 - 1/17/1978

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