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• Russian River Camping FYI
There are no public (read regional and state park) campgrounds that are located ON or particularly NEAR the river itself. The most popular park to camp at is Armstrong Redwoods. Armstrong Redwoods is five minutes outside of Guerneville, then another 10 minutes into the park to the campgrounds.

More about Armstrong Redwoods -- Technically when you camp at Armstrong Redwoods you camp at Austin Creek State Reserve (the two parks are adjacent to each other), and the campground name is Bullfrog Pond Campground. You drive through Armstrong to get to Austin Creek (the campsites are still located in redwoods).

Camping on the river. The are great private campgrounds located on the river and we have them listed if you follow the link.
• Camping On The River
View these campgrounds.
• Campground Reservations
State Parks: (707) 869-2015
Regional Parks: (707) 565-2267
Bullfrog Pond: or (707) 869-2015
• Recommended Car Camping Campground

Bullfrog Pond Campground in Austin Creek through Armstrong Redwoods.
• Additional Campgrounds
Park Campsite Location Additional Websites
Doran County Park
Bodega Bay
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Bodega Dunes
Bodega Bay
Westside Regional Park Bodega Bay
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Wrights Beach Dillon Beach (6 mi. north of Bodega Bay)
Sonoma Coast State Beach Bodega Bay to Jenner
Lake Sonoma Geyserville
Gualala Point County Park Gualala
Armstrong Redwoods & Austin Creek State Reserve Guerneville
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Pomo Canyon Environmental Campground Jenner
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Willow Creek Environmental Campground Jenner
Stillwater Cove County Park Jenner, 16 Miles North
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Fort Ross Reef Campground
Between Jenner and Gualala
Sonoma Coast State Beach - Salt Point State Park -
Gerstle Cove

Between Jenner and Gualala
Salt Point State Park - Woodside Between Jenner and Gualala
Spring Lake County Park

Santa Rosa
Point Reyes National Park Tomales

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