Russian River
5-Day Ecotourism Trip
Day One: Redwoods    
Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve is an old growth Redwood forest located outside of Guerneville along Armstrong Woods Road. There are a ton of incredible sights here and definitely has enough activities for to fill multiple days.

The minimum you should do is park at the entrance and take a walk through the Redwood grove. This is a flat walk with well maintained trails suitable for all ages. Dog owner's can take they pets along the meandering one lane road and not miss a thing.
Plan a picnic in the park. Drive in to claim a spot, setup then build up a health appetite exploring the area. The trails are littered with signs talking about the wildlife and plants of the park as well as history. The visitor's center has treasure hunt maps for kids.

After lunch head up the hill to bullfrog pond. The more adventurous may want to ride their bikes up the 1100 foot climb. At the top you can look out over the Russian River Valley on one side, and the Austin Creek State Recreation area on the other. If someone wants to volunteer driving the car down, the rest of your group can walk back along either East Ridge Trail or Pool Ridge Trail.

Day Two: Lake Sonoma    
Lake Sonoma is a complete recreation area. The lake extends 9 miles up Dry Creek and 4 miles up Warm Springs Creek resulting in an un-crowded environment. Activities include
• Camping
• Fishing
• Mountain Biking
• Hiking
• Horseback Riding
• Boating
• Hunting
• Site Seeing
• And more
Definitely visit the fish hatchery and the Overlook. The fish hatchery is located at the base of the dam, adjacent to the visitor's center. Tour guides will show you the facilities and explain the life cycle of the salmon. The Overlook is an outlook point built on the highest peak above Lake Sonoma. The views are spectacular looking out over the whole lake one one side and the wine country on the other.

Lake Sonoma is dog, and mountain bike friendly. Most of the parks in the area are, but here you can take them on the trails.

Day Three: Bodega Dunes & Bodega Bay    
About The Coast
There are four parks that cover approximately 16 miles of coast north and south of the River's mouth. They are Sonoma Coast State Beach, Fort Ross State Historical Park, Salt Point State Park, and the Kruse Rhododendrum Park. They all have hiking trails, beach access, picnic areas, restrooms and a full list of other activities and facilities.
Start the day with a hike along the beach at Bodega Dunes. Bodega Dunes is just a few miles north of Bodega Bay, so plan to head there around lunch time for some fresh seafood at the marina (salmon, crab, etc., depending on what is in season). Then head out to Bodega Head for some great views of the coast and whale sighting from January through April.

Day Four: Willow Creek and Goat Rock    
Goat Rock State Beach covers the mouth of the Russian River and sits across from the town of Jenner on the other side of the River. Willow Creek lies just upstream from there. Goat Rock features scenic bluffs, dunes, a beach perfect for walking on, the Russian River, a picnic area and harbor seals. Willow Creek features a secluded setting, great hiking trails, campsites and a picnic area.
Visit Willow Creek earlier on in the day and Goat Rock later so that you can catch the sun setting over the ocean.

Kayaking at the Jenner Estuary. The Jenner Estuary (picture) is the calm, protected stretch of river shielded from the Pacific Ocean by Goat Rock Beach. You can rent kayaks just upstream at the town of Duncan's Mills. They will drop you off at Jenner where you can paddle around then head upstream back to Duncan's Mills when the wind picks up and carries you home.

Day Five: Salt Point    
Salt Point is located eighteen miles north of Jenner along scenic Coast Highway One. Salt Point State Park features twenty miles of hiking trails, over six miles of coat and an underwater park. The park accommodates
• Picnicking
• Horseback riding
• Fishing, skin and SCUBA diving
• Camping
Running / Jogging
• Biking
• RVs & Trailers
Salt Point has excellent tide pools that are not readily found along the coast south of the Russian River.

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