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Wine & Cheese Tasting
You expect to tour a winery when you visit a wine destination -but do you visit the farms, cheeseries and pastures as well? In Northwest Sonoma Country you can.
The Wine & Cheese Experience
One of the most unique things about dining in West Sonoma County is that you get a great sampling of the area’s ‘home grown’ organic foods. From cheese to mushrooms to beef and berries, it isn’t just the grapes that grow well in the Russian River watershed.

The cheeses
Artisan cheese is the description for what you are about to sample. Our cheeses are lovingly made in small batches with care and history. A rind-ripened goat cheese, a hand-crafted triple cream cheese -farmers and creameries from Sonoma and the surrounding counties are winning awards and setting trends.

Planning your trip
Cheese, bread, fruit, a winery and the merriment of the day is in full swing! Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip.
1. If you are going to bring food to a winery make sure they have the proper facilities (picnic tables, shade, etc) and that they do not serve food there.
2. The correct cheese and bread is as important as the wine. For the full experience visit a boutique cheese shop for in depth advice and education.
3. Fully enjoy the beauty of the vineyard estates, the company of friends and family and the taste of the cheese and wine... Plan to visit just one or two wineries during your cheese tasting day and spend a good amount of time at each.
4. Bring water, you will want it for refreshment and to clear your palette.
5. Let yourself go. If you find that the combined effects on all your senses seem to be resulting in a state of blissfulness -you are right. Welcome to the Russian River!
Hartford Family Winery
Hartford Family Winery
Martinelli Road, Forestville - Hartford Family Winery is a family-owned winery located in the Russian River area of Sonoma County. The winery specializes in single vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and old vine Zinfandel. The Wines produced express the character of their unique vineyards.
Sophie's Cellars
Sophie's Cellars Wine & Cheese Market
Highway 116, Monte Rio - Sophie's carries a select line of the best local wines and cheeses. The friendly and knowledge owner's, John and David, are a pleasure.
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