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Stewards is a nonprofit environmental organization that works in cooperation with the California Department of Parks and Recreation in the Russian River Sector to provide the public with opportunities for personal inspiration, satisfaction, and nurturing of spirit and intellect through environmental stewardship programs.
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Whale Watch began as a response to the public's growing concern and awareness of the fragile relationship with the dwindling population of remaining whales and also as a celebration of nature's grand events - the annual migration of the Pacific gray whale.

The whales begin their journey at their summer feeding grounds off Chuotka, Russia, to their winter calving lagoons off Baja California, Mexico, traveling along the coast. They return after breeding or with their young via the same route, usually closer to shore with the mothers on the outside and the calves closer inland for protection.

Our whale mother, Bea Brunn has coordinated this program since the beginning in 1986. Volunteers are available at Bodega Head on weekends from January through Mother's day weekend to share their knowledge of this event with State Park visitors.

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