Treasure Hunt for Kids - At Armstrong Redwoods
Children's Treasure Hunt In
Armstrong Reserve "Home of the Ancients"

Can you find us? We will be looking for you!
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1. I am the tallest tree in the Reserve (310 feet), longer than a football field. See me as you cross the road just before the tree slice on the nature trail. Can you find a place to see my top?

2. I am the Dinosaur. When you walk by me I look like tree roots standing up in the air. Because I am shy, you won't see me until you walk and turn around.

3. My name comes from a "Colonel" who used to own us, but wisely decided we were more important alive than dead. Besides, I am the oldest living being in the Woods. (1400 years)

4. I am Peppermint Patty. If you walk too fast, you'll miss my smiling face at the end of a fallen log, right next to the trail. I am only 45 steps from the "Colonel."

5. I may look like an old tree stump, but I am the Wood Troll. I hang out just across the stream from the bend in the trail and guard the woods during the day. My eyes have a "rocky" look.

6. If you see my burls hanging down like fat icicles, you'll know that's me, The Icicle Tree, a friend of Popeye.

7. I am Popeye. hiding in a burl in a tree just behind the Icicle Tree. We live not far from the bridge where the Wood Troll sleeps at night.

How many did you find?

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